New Life Deliverance Center
Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center
"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

New Life Deliverance Center is a faith based, in-patient or out-patient, christian drug rehabilitation center. Located in Waynesboro, Mississippi, New Life Deliverance offers in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation for men and women of all ages. Patients will be safely housed, taught the word of God, and assessed by licensed counselors on an individual basis. Upon completion of the foundation requirements, the patient may enter into Level 2, our transitional program, where they will be prepared to enter back into society.

New Life Mission Statement

The mission of New Life is to offer a variety of Biblical life teachings by motivational preachers and teachers. We provide a safe atmosphere for learning and teaching addicts/alcoholics who truly desire to change their lives. Our mission includes a complete understanding for each patient of the Life Recovery 12 steps. The overall goal is to produce complete individuals who can be successful, proud, and productive members in the community.

Be set free and begin your New Life today

If you or someone you know wants deliverance from drug and alcohol dependance help is as close as the phone. Call us now at 1-601-735-6447 for men or 1-601-735-5599 for women.