New Life for Men
Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center
"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32
Deliverance Center for Men - Primary Care

New Life Deliverance Center for Men is located in Waynesboro, Mississippi at 2858 Highway 45 South. Our primary care (level 1) facility consists of a devotion room where daily devotions are held, T.V. room, game room, kitchen, and six bedrooms. We can house up to twelve patients at a time. Patients will share a room and bathroom with a roommate. Each patient will have daily assigned chores which they are expected to complete. Patients will also be expected to attend daily devotions in the devotion room as well as weekly church meetings at Abundant Life Church. The charge for one month of in-patient care is $800.00.

Deliverance Center for Men - Transitional Care

The transitional care (level 2) facility is on the same premises as our primary care building. The facility consists of five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, and a T.V. room. Upon satisfactory completion of our primary care program a client may elect to enter our transitional care program, which is designed to help them re-enter society successfully. Patients in transitional care are required to have a job as well as continue to attend weekly church meetings at Abundant Life Church. Patients are allowed to keep a vehicle on the premises to assist them in getting to their job. The charge for one month of our transitional program is $600.00.

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Devotion Room
Daily Devotions

Devotions are held at least once daily. Here is an example of one of our daily devotions: